Publications abound for students to showcase research and creative work

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0B7KYXVi5bD6JWUlGeFVrRXpkMk0   Students at IU South Bend who are eager to share their research and creativity will find no shortage of opportunities to get published. Five student publications are currently accepting submissions.

Analecta, IUSB’s literary and visual arts journal, selects the best poetry, fiction, drama and visual artwork submitted by students.

2015 will mark the 45th issue for the publication.

“I think that calls for a celebration of sorts,” wrote Editor Chad Forbregd in an e-mail. “Without giving anything away, I can tell you this much… this issue will be different in many ways than the 44 that preceded it. […] I want past, present and future students to look back on this issue and see that we’ve got a pretty good thing going on in South Bend. We have a community of artists that are uniquely talented and worth being seen.”

He encourages…

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Meet the 2015 Editor of Analecta: Chad Forbregd

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ANALECTA is IU South Bend’s award-winning literary journal. It is published once a year under the guidance of a student editor who selects the best poetry, fiction, drama, and artwork from IUSB students. The editor for the 2015 issue is Chad Forbregd. The advisor is Clayton Michaels. Here, Chad answers a few questions about his new position…

  • Why did you apply to be editor of Analecta?

Being the editor of Analecta is a rare experience and a valuable opportunity. Analecta is a school tradition. But it is more than that; it’s a powerful tool. It showcases the best student work, but it also represents the quality of our faculty, the university, and the great city of South Bend. It is a permanent record of where we are as a department, university, and community of artists. It is an honor and privilege to be given the opportunity to serve my peers…

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Decisions, Decisions…

Greetings, All!

I’ve been getting emails from many of you asking whether decisions have been made on submissions chosen for Analecta 2014.   Yes, the votes have been tallied, and over the weekend, we got word from our guest judge about the winners for the Student Writing Awards! Things on the production end are coming together, and we’ll have a final product by Monday morning!  Yippy!  My goal is to have letters out by the end of next week. And the winners of the writing awards will be announced by the English Department soon!

Stay tuned!  There’s much more to come!