$50 Cash. Who Wants It?

Another friendly reminder, this issue of Analecta is looking for students of IUSB to submit some really awesome art for the front cover. The chosen piece will be published and printed on the front cover, as well as be featured on the inside of the book in the art section. The artist will receive $50 as well as complimentary copies of the book during the unveiling of the book during the IUSB Student Writing Awards. A second place runner-up will also be featured in the book, though, no second place prize will be awarded aside from bragging rights. Please submit your awesome works to iusbanalecta@gmail.com. Or, visit the submission section of this website for additional info and submission rules.

Thanks All,

J.B. Adams (Editor-in-Chief)

So Long 2016, and Good Riddance

With 2016 drawing to a near close, we here at the Analecta Editing Department just wanted to remind everyone that the deadline for all submissions (prose, poetry, and art) will be February 1st, 2017. In addition, we wanted to remind everyone that a $50 grand prize for art has been added to this volume of Analecta. One winner will receive $50 dollars cash (actually, probably a gift card for legal reasons) and publication on the front cover of Analecta Volume 47. If you have any questions or would like to submit, please see the SUBMISSIONS section for information on how to submit, as well as how to get a hold of us here in the Editing Department.



Submission Season Begins Friday!!!

Hello, all! It’s that time again, time for Analecta! (I know, right? Like, didn’t the last issue, like, just come out and stuff?) This reading period marks the 47th volume of IUSB’s student literary publication of all things creative. We accept Prose, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, and Visual Arts including Paintings, Sculpture Works, and Graphic Arts. (For questions on other types of submittable art email the editor at iusbanalecta@gmail.com)

As we begin the new season, we are looking for anyone interested in editing. This includes reading through submissions and choosing which pieces work best with the overall concept for the book. We may meet up once a month, perhaps twice a month near the deadline to group edit. At times, this may also include free pizza and goodies, time and budget permitting. (If you would like to get in on the fun email the editor at iusbanalecta@gmail.com)

Lastly, the Editor-in-Chief, Jon Adams, would like to thank the English Department and Kelcey Parker Ervick for allowing him to manage this year’s publication.

Now, as they say on Iron Chef America, or, well, something like they say anyway–

Get Writing! 


I remember the first time I submitted a piece of my creative writing to a journal…IT WAS TERRIFYING! I worried that I was sending my work out into the great (and critical) unknown. I’ve had my work rejected (a lot), I’ve had my work accepted (a little), and I have had my work BUTCHERED by editors that clearly did not see my vision (reflecting back, I sometimes fail to see my vision on those pieces too).

It is that last experience that we, at Analecta, want to avoid this year. We will be suggesting revisions for some of this year’s submissions and will invite the writers to come to a open house workshop to meet with an editor and work in collaboration to help polish up their work. Our goal is to publish the best collection of creative work that we can and to do that we want to work with the writers to make small tweaks in order to insure they are putting their best work forward.

We will be finalizing workshopping days and times with our staff and making an announcement about in the weeks to come. As always…SUBMIT! SUBMIT! SUBMIT!

-J. Faulkner-Jones — Assistant Editor of Analecta

Analecta 2016

To Do List:

1). Start collecting creative work for your Analecta 2016 submission.

SUBMISSION DUE DATE FEB. 1, 2016. (more info to follow)

2). Consider joining our editorial staff… we need readers and we need like-minded wordsmiths to help get the word out about Analecta. (Apply via e-mail at iusbanalecta@gmail.com).

3). Join/like/follow Analecta and IUSB Creative Writing Club on Facebook to learn more about deadlines and upcoming events… or just to connect with other creative folks that you might see around campus.



The Publications Board is now accepting applications for the position of Editor for Analecta. Duties include: advertising for submissions, reading and selecting submitted work for publication, finding and working with an artist on the cover and design, submitting the final file to the publisher, working with the publisher to make sure the journal is available in April, etc. This is a paid position. For more information on the journals, please go to https://www.iusb.edu/…/core-functio…/studentpublications.php

Deadline to apply: TODAY April 22, 2015

To apply, please submit a resume and a formal letter of application that describes your interest and experience. Email both documents to the journal’s faculty advisor Clayton Michaels at: ctmichae@iusb.edu