Analecta Reading: Poetry, Prose and Fine Art in Downtown South Bend

Analecta 2012 is hosting the second annual Analecta Reading at Fiddler’s Hearth in South Bend, IN at 2:30 p.m. on April 22.

The event will feature readings from authors and artists published in this year’s issue of Analecta. We will also be providing free Fiddler’s Hearth appetizers to all attendees, so please come out and join us in an afternoon of good food, good drinks, outstanding IUSB art and literature and a lovely hearthside atmosphere.


Jeff Tatay
Analecta 2012

Here’s the lineup for the Analecta Reading:

2:30 (Jeff Tatay) Introduction to Analecta 2012
2:35 Chris Bush
2:40 Rachel Cheeseman
2:45 Kayla Cano
2:50 Niall Garvin
2:55 Hannah Stowe
3:00 Matt Henry
3:05 Stephanie Merryfield
3:10 Break
3:15 Break
3:20 Kristin LaFollette
3:25 Brandy Crise
3:30 Joy Bye-Zeilbeck
3:35 Jennifer Hlawacz
3:40 Jordan Eash
3:45 Joe Eggleston
3:50 Damian Beauchamp
3:55 McKenzie Lynn Tozan
4:00 Jessica A. Deckard


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