Time is running out– just over 3 weeks to the submission deadline!  Chances are, if you’re already on this site, you’re ready to submit.  Click submission guidelines to make sure you’ve fulfilled the requirements, then email your submissions to iusbanalecta@gmail.com.  This is a fairly new email address so make sure you use this one and GET IT RIGHT.  We don’t want your (potentially) brilliant submission(s) to get lost somewhere in cyberspace.  Be on the lookout for our new posters– Sirius Black may look vicious, but he’s simply emphatic about submissions.  Good luck.

Sirius poster



    1. We have decided to wait until after we hear back about English Dept. Writing Awards results. This will be around spring break– LATEST March 15th. However, visual arts may be notified sooner because we need to collect both titles for the pieces and the medium.

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