I remember the first time I submitted a piece of my creative writing to a journal…IT WAS TERRIFYING! I worried that I was sending my work out into the great (and critical) unknown. I’ve had my work rejected (a lot), I’ve had my work accepted (a little), and I have had my work BUTCHERED by editors that clearly did not see my vision (reflecting back, I sometimes fail to see my vision on those pieces too).

It is that last experience that we, at Analecta, want to avoid this year. We will be suggesting revisions for some of this year’s submissions and will invite the writers to come to a open house workshop to meet with an editor and work in collaboration to help polish up their work. Our goal is to publish the best collection of creative work that we can and to do that we want to work with the writers to make small tweaks in order to insure they are putting their best work forward.

We will be finalizing workshopping days and times with our staff and making an announcement about in the weeks to come. As always…SUBMIT! SUBMIT! SUBMIT!

-J. Faulkner-Jones — Assistant Editor of Analecta


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