Submission Season Begins Friday!!!

Hello, all! It’s that time again, time for Analecta! (I know, right? Like, didn’t the last issue, like, just come out and stuff?) This reading period marks the 47th volume of IUSB’s student literary publication of all things creative. We accept Prose, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, and Visual Arts including Paintings, Sculpture Works, and Graphic Arts. (For questions on other types of submittable art email the editor at

As we begin the new season, we are looking for anyone interested in editing. This includes reading through submissions and choosing which pieces work best with the overall concept for the book. We may meet up once a month, perhaps twice a month near the deadline to group edit. At times, this may also include free pizza and goodies, time and budget permitting. (If you would like to get in on the fun email the editor at

Lastly, the Editor-in-Chief, Jon Adams, would like to thank the English Department and Kelcey Parker Ervick for allowing him to manage this year’s publication.

Now, as they say on Iron Chef America, or, well, something like they say anyway–

Get Writing! 



  1. Great question! I am glad you asked… To submit, email your work(s) to along with your name, student ID number and a valid school e-mail address on the first page of your submission. You will get a confirmation email when your submission has been received. Thanks for submitting 🙂

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