And So It Begins…

A special thanks to all who submitted their work this year. We have been reading and rereading and formatting your work over the last few weeks and let me just say, you guys are amazing writers, all of you. We have read your poetry and your prose, we have seen the world through your artistic eyes and have been inspired beyond reason by your imaginations.

Truly, thank you for all that you do in the field of the arts.

Over the next week we will be finalizing the journal and choosing the best of the best to appear in the new edition of Analecta 2017. You may receive an email asking for permission to publish your works, please get those back to us as soon as possible as we cannot publish your work without your written consent. You may also receive a revision notification asking you to revise your work…Don’t be alarmed…this just means that your work is highly favored and we want it to be the best, commas and periods and alike, that it possible can be.

Again, thank you to all, and I cannot wait for Analecta 2017 to make its way into your bookshelves…


J.B. Adams


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