1.  Can I submit if I graduate in December?

Yes. As long as you are a current student the semester before the deadline, submissions will still be accepted. Please note on the first page of your submission that you are expected to graduate in December. These submissions may not qualify for the Student Literary Awards.  

2.  What is the maximum amount of submissions you will accept?

We will accept the maximum amount of submissions in each genre (three per author). Meaning you can submit one nonfiction and one fiction as well as visual arts, comics, and poetry. Once you have submitted the maximum number of submissions in each genre (three), any more submissions will not be reviewed unless you specify having a previous submission withdrawn. 

3.  How are submissions reviewed?

Analecta uses a blind review process, meaning that the people reviewing the manuscript will not know whose work they are reviewing. This is to ensure fairness in the process. 

4.  Why should I submit my work to Analecta?

It is a great opportunity to get your undergraduate and graduate work in a journal. Analecta is an award-winning journal.  Having work published is a great way to build a resume for both graduate school applications and jobs.  

5.  What is the deadline? Can I submit anything after that deadline?

I will accept submissions until 11:59 PM, January 31, 2018.